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Monday, April 7, 2008

Nursery Progress

My sister came up for a visit this weekend, and look what she left behind! She's on spring break, so she stayed for the weekend and painted in the baby's room. I wish I had better lighting for the pictures. It looks even more adorable in person. Some of the colors aren't very true in the photos. The walls of the room are a sandy brown color, and the painting looks so soft and sweet. Now, I just need to get new curtains, curtain rod, and the dresser. I have some shelves and things for the walls. I think it will really come together after that.

I have a tiny smackeral of adoption news. We moved two spots closer to getting matched with our baby. So, there is still progress there. We hope to hear some good news anytime now. Pray for patience... pray for patience...pray for patience... A.