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Friday, June 29, 2007


Friday is a wonderful thing! At least for me it is... D doesn't have weekends off so he doesn't share my love of Fridays. He says Monday is his Friday... and he's off on Tuesday... so Friday's his Tuesday... it's all very confusing ; ) Anyway, I'm happy that it's the weekend.

This has been a buzy week. I've had something going on every day after work. I've also been doing a lot of knitting. Wed night we had a meeting at church for our Prayer Shawl Ministry group. It's really a neat project. Our women's group knits cozy shawls and prays for the person who will receive the gift. The shawls are then blessed and given out to people who are in need of special prayers for an illness or other hardships. They attach a tag and a cross to the shawl and enclose a card explaining how it was made. The Thank You cards we get from the recipients are so heart warming and I love all the ladies involved. While I was there that night I picked up another knitting task. We had five newborns on the prayer request this week that are in the hospital. I'm making super soft baby hats for them. I will be frantically finishing them up tonight and tomorrow. It's so sad to hear about little babies having such a rough start...

I've also been working on knitting baby booties and socks for the orphanages in Vietnam. Our coordinator will be traveling there this summer, and she has agreed to deliver them for me. I sent hats earlier in the year, so I thought I would try socks. This was my first attempt at sock knitting... and I'm addicted. I rarely knit for myself, but I can already tell that this will be my indulgence. Now I have visions of striped Merino wool socks dancing in my head. I did visit the The Village Knitter today. I couldn't resist picking up some sock yarn for me ; ) They ladies there are so sweet. They invited me to come knit with them... I might take them up on that.

I don't really have any new adoption news except to say that we are looking forward to those referrals coming in August! I know our ticker up there says we've been waiting just over 2 months... but that's not really true. I've been waiting all my life...

Best wishes... A

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Official First Post

Finally, I have gotten around to setting up this site! I didn't want to set it up too soon. I didn't know when I'd have anything interesting to post. I also didn't want to wait until the last minute. If a miracle happens and the stars align... and we get our referral sooner than expected... things will be too crazy! At least... I'll have someplace to babble on while D is sleeping.

Just to get you up to date - My husband D and I are adopting our first baby (or two) from Vietnam. We are officially on the waiting list. Our agency expects our wait to be 12 - 18 months. That is not written in stone by any means. It could be a little quicker... and unfortunately it could be longer. We are praying for the quicker ; ) If you are not familiar with the Ins&Outs of International Adoption you may be confused. Basically, we are waiting in line behind a bunch of other families. As they are matched with their children we move up on the list. It's a lot like pulling a ticket at the store and waiting for your turn. You are constantly watching everyone else... to see who's next. Our agency is supposed to have referrals in mid August. I'm so excited for the famlies. I hope they will travel soon to bring home their little ones.

We got some good adoption news last week. Our coordinator sent me an email saying that our Dossier has been submitted to the IAD (international adoption department of Vietnam). That is wonderful news even though it will be sitting with stacks and stacks of other families Dossiers... getting dusty ... waiting for our referral to come. Maybe my Dossier is rubbing folders with yours... or not.

It's time for bed... Best Wishes, A