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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


My sweet baby is having a rough day. D called me this afternoon to tell me that Shakespeare had a seizure. He had not had a seizure in over 4 years. D took him to the vet. They ran a bunch of tests and gave us some medicine. Luckily, my mom is taking care of the grand-puppies for us. I have to leave for a business trip in the morning. The timing couldn't be worse.

He had another seizure tonight. It didn't last too long, but it breaks my heart just the same. It's a very helpless feeling.

Shakespeare first had this problem about 5 or 6 years ago. It took a while to get them under control with medication. The vet couldn't ever come up with a cause. The medication helped with the seizures, but it really changed his personality. He was groggy a lot of the time... just not his happy self. I did tons of research on causes. I feel very strongly that you have to be your own advocate... especially in health care. I found some information on poison weeds that I knew we had in our yard. D got rid of all of them. We slowly decreased the medication until he was off it completely. He didn't have another seizure until now. We later found out that the neighbor kids had been playing fetch with him... using the pods of the poisonous weed!!

This time, D noticed mushrooms popping up in our backyard... that are now gone. I'm suspecting that he ate them. I hope that's all it is, but we will keep him on the medication for a little while to make sure.

The timing is really strange. D and I were just talking about this after church on Sunday. The topic was the power of prayer. A family at church talked about their struggle with their son's seizures, up to 100 per day. They told of how a group at church gathered with them and prayed for some relief. Their son hasn't had a seizure in a couple weeks since then. D and I were talking about how awful that would be to deal with... and how we couldn't hardly bear that when our dog went through it. Now, we're going through it again... just two days later. There must be a point here... but I'm too nervous to get it right now.

I need to pack for my first plane ride. I'll tell you all about it ; ) A


E. said...

Good luck with your trip! I hope Shakespeare gets better. That must be a difficult thing to watch, knowing there isn't anything you can do to stop the seizure once it starts.

Carissa said...

Here is hoping that Shakesphere gets better, I know that it is hard when your dog is sick!

Sarah said...

Sending thoughts your way for Shakespeare, in hope that the seizures subside. Babydogs are very special creatures.