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Saturday, January 26, 2008

9 Months

Well, I couldn't really let this milestone go without commenting. So, here it is. Yesterday, we reached 9 months "Paper-Pregnant". It's an important hurdle to pass. It's the half way point of our original estimated wait for a referral. The good news is, we may not have another 9 months for our referral. Unfortunately, we will likely have close to that before we meet our baby boy. I am hoping the rest of our wait goes quickly. We still have lots to do in that time! I am still working on my "To-Do" list in the side bar. I was SO very organized during the paperwork phase. I had very specific checklists for myself. Now, I feel a little disconnected. There hasn't been a lot to do adoption related lately. So, once again I am trying to make checklists so nothing gets forgotten.

Now for something tasty. On the recommendation of Ladybug's Momma I purchased the book Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table by Mia Pham. This is a wonderful book. It is full of stories and text about Vietnamese families and their food. I have been reading it for a few days. I think I'm ready to try one of the recipes. I have made my list and I am on my way to the Aihua Asian Market. I need a few more ingredients to make my first batch of pho. The cookbook makes it sound so easy. I hope that's true. Wish me luck! I will fill you in on the results. A


Tracy Desserich said...

I've wondered how difficult it is to make phu. I'd love to hear how it turns out!

Amy said...

I'm glad to see you guys have moved up on the list. I'm sure you are tired of being "pregnant"

Jodean said...
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Jodean said...

Hope the rest of your wait goes smoothly and QUICKLY. We recently passed the 6 month paper pregnant/9 months since the beginning milestone.