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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Martha... Good Things, and Good Happenings

I don't think I ever mentioned it here, but I am a big Martha Stewart fan! I just really enjoy her magazines, products, shows, and especially her website I don't know how many times it has bailed me out with a recipe or a gift idea. Now, I know she is not every one's "cup-of-tea". But, you have to at least admire someone who can take the things they love to do and turn it into an empire like she has. Anyway, the whole point of this little Martha tributes is that I got tickets! Can you believe that? I filled out a blogger survey thing on her site a while back. I got this in my email last week,

Dear MARTHA fan,
You’re invited to our “Blogging Show” when the entire audience will be filled with bloggers! The celebrity guest is known to be an avid celebrity blogger so hurry up and RSVP to validate your ticket request!
Now, the unfortunate part is, I can't go. The taping is next week in New York. There is no way I can make it there. My boss is on vacation and I need to save money/vacation time for the adoption. I tried to give my tickets to a fellow blogger who lives in New York, but she wasn't able to make it either. Still, it was nice to be invited. I have decided that I will definitely plan to go another time.

Now, transferring from Good Things to Good Happenings. I got a package today from Laurie at, aka Pho for Five. This blog is definitely a must read for adoptive parents and new parents. Laurie's household is full of stories about her 3 sweet kids. As if there weren't enough reasons to read before, Laurie has recently added product reviews and give aways to her site. I must be on a lucky streak, because I won! I got this great set of Method baby products. I can't wait to try them out on our little one. Make sure to add to your reading list and watch for more give aways to come. Thank you Laurie! A.


Anonymous said...

Look at you lucky duck! I really like Method products. Try the Method Almond for dusting, smells awesome!

Courtney C
waiting for Lincoln

Paul and Angela said...

I saw your post on my blog. Then I looked at yours and realized our sons were born 1 day apart! Crazy! What orphanage is he at? My son is in Can Tho.