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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Set Of Wheels...

Baby boy's first set of wheels is on the way to our house. I finally decided on a stroller. D and I went to Babies R Us Sunday after Church. I had been researching them online, but I wanted to try them out a little. I am really happy with how this one steers and folds up. I hope baby will enjoy it as well. He has his own little steering system with sound effects ; ) Thank you to everyone who got us gift cards for the baby shower. They came in handy on our shopping trip!

Now, I'm in the market for his next set of wheels. I really would like to get him a Radio Flyer Tricycle and a wagon for his birthday. I have picked some out and added them to his wish list. Anyone have advice on one to choose?

I have been having fun using Kaboodle lately. If your not familiar with the site, it allows you to build a wish list... sort of like a registry... with any stores. When you're browsing online and you see something you like, you can click Add to Kaboodle, and add it to your list. I love it, because I always see something great, and then forget where I saw it. Now, I can be a much more efficient compulsive shopper ; )

There aren't really any adoption updates for us at this time, hence the compulsive shopping. We hope to hear some good news soon. There are currently delays in our baby's province. We are praying things are resolved soon! While there are no updates for us, there are fabulous updates for our fellow adopting families. Several families are traveling very soon to bring their sweet babies home. We can't wait to follow along with their journey. Good luck to all! We are so happy for you! A.


Elaine said...

I had never heard of kaboodle before. I am so going to check that out! I actually like the idea of compulsive "window shopping" online, as long as I don't buy it all.

Michelle said...

I am off to find that stroller, love it! And I've been looking. I can't remember what province your babe is in? Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Courtney said...

I recommend test driving strollers before you put them on your registry. I have gotten two tricycles so far as gifts. One is the radio flyer and the other has four wheels. Can't wait to put the baby on them. I keep my fingers crossed that we hear news from Bac Lieu soon. Good news.

Colleen said...

Love the stroller! It is so cool. He is going to be one hip man around town.

My best friend got Romy a radio flyer for my shower. It is pink and purple, so that wont do for you. LOL

PS - It won't be long for you now