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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clinging to Hope

We are still here... still waiting. We still do not have I-600 approval. We are hoping it will come soon. USCIS has requested some additional documents, so of course, that's another delay.

There was some promising news from our agency this week. We had another conference call with the 23 other families waiting for children from the same province as us. This call was more upbeat than the last one. The agency is still working hard behind the scenes to resolve the issues keeping us from our baby. The director of our agency will be traveling to Vietnam again in about a week. He is very hopeful that we will see some kind of movement in the next month or two. We will be praying that his trip is successful and that the obstacles in our way will be removed.

This month marks 3 years since we turned in our application to adopt. There have been lots of different delays in this process. One thing that has remained constant the whole time is my desire to be a Momma. The ache is in my heart every day and never wanes. I have to believe that God put this strong longing in me for a reason. It may sound ridiculous to say, but in many ways, the trials we have faced during this adoption have been a positive thing. During this process I have branched out of my comfort zone and made some wonderful friendships. I have done an enormous amount of cultural and parenting research. I have had to be an advocate for our child and our family already. I know all these things will make me a stronger parent. In addition, I have learned without a doubt how precious every moment with a child is. Every minute we spend without our baby is lost forever. Once we hold him in our arms we will relish every second. Every cry, every laugh is irreplaceable. I can't wait to drink it all in.

Now, I'm not saying I have enjoyed the wait in any way. I'm just trying to take an honest look at what has happened to me as a result of the wait. The bad parts of the wait are obvious and are increasingly hard to deal with. So, maybe an exercise of looking for the positive will help... maybe.


Laurie said...

I really hope good news comes your way SOON! You have such a positive outlook, though I know the wait has not been easy. Fingers and toes are crossed that the barriers are lifted very very soon.

abc123vn said...

I hope good news is coming your way soon...

Anonymous said...

I know how hard the wait is. There were times I didn't think I would get through the long wait from referral to travel. In my case, I had the I-600 obstacle in my way and it seemed as if that would never be resolved. Then one day, after countless times of risen and fallen hopes, it did. I KNOW that your painful wait will end soon. I pray for it daily. I also know from experience that this hard time will be a very distant and vague memory. You will watch him sleep and play and smile at you (or sit in time out as is the case for Rosemary many times) and the countless hours worrying will vanish. Hang on to the hope!

_forgot my blogger password. LOL

Elaine said...

I so hope this upcoming trip to Vietnam brings some real results for you and all the other waiting families. I really admire your positive attitude!