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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Special Package

How cute is this! I got this sweet hand-knit caterpillar in the mail today from my "Secret Pal". What could be more special than a hand-made gift for our baby. The package was also filled with other fun baby size toys and books. Thank you "Secret Pal"! Caesar obviously loves it too. He wouldn't stay out of the picture.

I don't really have any adoption updates except to say that our agency says we are still on track to get our referral before the 15 month mark. That is about as good as we can expect to hear at this point. Until we get the news that we are matched with a baby, there aren't a lot of updates available. When we are matched, there are several steps we go through on our way to a referral. Our agency will keep us posted as our paperwork travels through these steps. It will nice to be able to track our progress.

Congratulations to the Vietnamese Ladybug family on getting their I-600 approval. They are coming home soon! A.

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Sarah said...

Thinking of you today, and stopped by to say hi. :)