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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lions, Monkeys, and Gators... Oh, My!

I thought I would share the nursery bedding we got for the baby boy nursery. It's a sweet little Jungle animal set in sage green, tan, and ivory. We will probably get a honey color wood furniture. We want something similar to the one in the picture... just not white. (we do want white for the girl nursery... but that's another post ; )

I hope we can get the crib soon. I feel like I can't really put the room together until that piece is here. When we built the house we chose a sandy tan color for the walls and cream trim. It goes perfect with the bedding. My sister is an art teacher. She's going to paint a mural of cute swinging Monkeys and happy Gators on the walls. I'm so excited to get started on it. I know it will be adorable.

Dwayne and I saw "Evan Almighty" at the Drive-In last week. It was cute. I'm not good at quotes, but in one part God(Morgan Freeman) is talking to the mom about prayer. He explains to her that when someone prays for courage they may instead be given opportunities to be brave... and when people pray for patience they may get circumstances that allow them to develop patience.
I'm still in the "developing it" stage ... A

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Anne & Grant said...

Love the baby bedding! It's too cute! ;)
-Anne, PAP