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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lot's of Adoption Stuff...

It's been a busy week in our adoption world. We had a Waiting Families meeting on Tuesday at our agency. The topic was "Post-Placement Paperwork". Can you believe there is more paperwork? Actually, we will be filling out some kind of adoption related paperwork until our child turns 18. In Vietnam adoptions, the country requires yearly post-placement reports until the child turns 18. I personally think that is wonderful. Mainly we will write a little status report on our child an include some pictures. I think it's great that Vietnam wants to make sure their children are doing well. Receiving these reports in a timely manner is a very important part of keeping good adoption relations with other countries.

Friday, we got an update from our agency that referrals are coming! Not for us yet, of course... but for families in front of us. There are babies that have been identified for adoption. There is a process where the baby's paperwork is put in order. There are 2 adds that have to run in the local paper for 30 days each, documentation, etc. All this paperwork is done to prove that the child is legally eligible for adoption. Our agency is very thorough with this paperwork. They make sure it is all in order before giving a referral. So, as the paperwork is gathered for these babies... referrals will be made. I'm very excited for everyone who will be getting that wonderful news very soon. Of course, we will also move up in line as the referrals come in... so I am excited for us too!

Today I took a trip out of state for another Waiting Families Meeting. Dwayne's parents live a couple of hours away from us. I drive over and we attend our agency's meetings together. They will be traveling with us when we bring our baby home. The topic of the meeting was Therapeutic Parenting. It is a very interesting topic and goes along with all the Attachment and Bonding things I have been reading. I have also been reading "The Power of Possitive Parenting". This talks about similar topics.
It's been a long day and a good week. I think I'm going to work on some more baby booties... and get to bed. A

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Jeanne said...


Somehow I hadn't seen your blog yet. It is just beautiful. You are so artistic, I should have known you would have a neat blog. I still want to take knitting lessons from you one day!